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California In 2014
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                America Must Regain It’s Greatness Again!
Alleviating The Suffering Of The American Citizens, Especially The California Citizens.
Akinyemi Agbede
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Secretary Of State!
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  I think the people of the great state of California will like to know a little bit about this common man AKINYEMI AGBEDE, who wants to save the great state of California from falling behind all other states in the country..

  AKINYEMI AGBEDE was born 5th of May, 1964 in Lagos Nigeria (West Africa) to the families of Mr. & Mrs. Israel Dada Agbede. He attended Baptist Academy Obanikoro, Lagos Nigeria for his Higher School Certificate and came out with distinction, Studied Mathematics at the University of Lagos, Lagos Nigeria. He also attended the Prestigious Redeemed Christian Bible College, Lagos Nigeria and came out also with distinction.

 This Super Genius man came to the United States of America in the year 2001 when he won the United States of America Permanent Resident Lottery. However, since being in the United States of America he has tremendously used his Super Genius brain to the benefits of the American Students by instilling in them skills, confidence and competence in solving ANY Mathematical problems.